We are coming to Logan

ImageWe are coming to Logan! We never have had a store in Cache Valley but when we heard that Magical Moon’s location was going to be empty we thought, “Why not put The Red Balloon there?”

The location is very beautiful and it is right on Main Street–1940 N. Main St. in North Logan to be exact. It used to be a piano emporium with a recital hall. Despite it now being a toy store, the recital hall is still there for the local piano teachers and anybody else that is interested in renting it. If you are interested in renting it out, send us an email at management@redballoontoystore.com. When our phones are installed you can also call.

We are excited to bring great toys to Cache Valley! If you don’t have any birthdays coming up, come see the world’s largest puzzle on our back wall (32,000 pieces)! The Grand Opening is March 1st; we will have several give aways and raffles! Subscribe to the blog or “Like” us on Facebook for more info about the promotions.


One comment on “We are coming to Logan

  1. jgubler says:

    I, for one, am super glad you are here. Our valley needs a quality toy store. I love your toys and your organized store. I am also a piano teacher and am grateful to be able to still rent the recital hall (the best anywhere to be found). Thank you for that! My students and grandchildren are going to go wild at your store. I’m excited to have you here!

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