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Five reasons to read to your child every day 
  1. Your child will treasure the time together. For many families, the normal rhythm of the day can be busy verging on frantic. Sitting down with a book is a way to step out of the race and focus on each other. Put away your phone, turn off the TV and enjoy being together as you read. Make time for it every day, and your child will get the message: I have time that’s just for YOU.
  2. New words will come naturally. There’s no better way to increase your child’s vocabulary than by offering a wide range of stories. When your child is engaged in a book, there will be times a new word doesn’t even need explanation—your child will figure out the meaning based on context alone (which is great for deductive reasoning too!).
  3. Stories create a safe place for feelings. When children find it hard to express difficult…

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