CyberFire Will Exceed Your Expectations


A large order of Play Visions’ CyberFire Football Set is on its way to The Red Balloon Toy Store. Just recently the owner called each store to explain how it works and why he has been excited for this product. You and a friend put on these LED glasses, flip the switch to turn on either a green or red light, and play as you would with any ordinary football. If you set your glasses to green, the ball will glow green for you and NOBODY ELSE. That’s right, only the wearer of the glasses sees the glow. If you switch your glasses to green and your friend switches his/hers to red, you will see green and your friend will see red.

After hearing about this toy, most of us thought, “There is no way it works THAT well.” After all, how often to advertised toys meet your expectations?… or your child’s expectations? Well. Play Visions’ CyberFire Football Set will exceed your expectations as it did ours. It works both in the light AND in the dark. A few of us gather in a dark room, two of us put on the glasses, and began to play. The staff without the glasses on could not see the glow of the ball in the dark room. In fact, they could barely see the ball at all! For the wearers, the ball was VERY visible and only glowed the color each had individually set. Everybody was pleasantly surprised. It is not every day that a toy exceeds our expectations!

The CyberFire Football Set is a must-have for the summer. It costs just 24.99. Call to reserve yours at The Red Balloon today!


Whipple with Kensie

Receive 30% off Whipple products through June 9! This offer has been made available through Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, Google Offers, and our text message list. Restrictions do apply,  offer must be claimed through one of the previously mentioned sources to receive the discount. Watch the video for a demonstration of this fun craft!

New Connections

Thanks for coming to our Easter Sale! We truly appreciate the support we get in each of our stores.

This Easter Sale we tried out some new ways to get our 20% coupon out. In addition to our usual methods–email and mailing lists, website, local publications–we used Facebook to allow customers to claim the coupon on their smartphones and we let customers show a .pdf of the coupon on their phones to save them from having to print it (and also saving a tree). For upcoming sales, we plan on using more mobile methods such as Foursquare, Yelp, and Google Places. We hope this will make claiming these special offers more convenient!

We also wanted to use this post to announce that we are now on YouTube and Pinterest! We had fun making our first 26 second video and getting one “repin” only a few minutes after making our own first pin. 

We hope to keep connecting with you! Thanks for your support!

Easter Sale


We are having our annual Easter Sale! Get 20% off your entire purchase with this coupon or 15% off if your child gets excited and throws the coupon out the window on the way to the store (in other words, if you don’t have the coupon to present at the register). In our Salt Lake and Sandy locations you can “Check-In” using the Facebook app for smart phones to get your 20% discount if you please. We are working on getting that available for Logan as well over these next few days.

Need a toy to put in the basket? Ask about our Playmobil Eggs!

Grand Opening Promotions

We are just hours away from our Grand Opening! Our suppliers are so excited they have teamed up with us to bring you free giveaways, raffles, and demos. There may be more to come so keep on eye out either here or on Facebook. Thanks!

March 1 — 100 free T-shirts to the first customers (1 per family)

March 1-10 — Melissa & Doug wooden kitchen raffle*

March 1-10 — Melissa & Doug giraffe raffle*

March 17 — Be Amazing demos

March 24 — Do a Dot demo

*To enter, show that you “like” The Red Balloon Toy Store on Facebook, leave a Yelp review, or sign up on the mailing list at the store. There will be a raffle station with a computer for you to enter and receive raffle ticket. Drawing will take place after the store closes on March 10, 2012. Winners will be notified by telephone and will be announced on The Red Balloon’s Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. There will be two winners–one for the wooden kitchen and one for the giraffe. The winners have 24 hours to redeem their prize before a new winner is drawn. Must present raffle ticket to claim prize.

We are coming to Logan

ImageWe are coming to Logan! We never have had a store in Cache Valley but when we heard that Magical Moon’s location was going to be empty we thought, “Why not put The Red Balloon there?”

The location is very beautiful and it is right on Main Street–1940 N. Main St. in North Logan to be exact. It used to be a piano emporium with a recital hall. Despite it now being a toy store, the recital hall is still there for the local piano teachers and anybody else that is interested in renting it. If you are interested in renting it out, send us an email at When our phones are installed you can also call.

We are excited to bring great toys to Cache Valley! If you don’t have any birthdays coming up, come see the world’s largest puzzle on our back wall (32,000 pieces)! The Grand Opening is March 1st; we will have several give aways and raffles! Subscribe to the blog or “Like” us on Facebook for more info about the promotions.